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ServerOwl™ Click and Source Page Parameters

Last modified: March 1, 2019

ServerOwl supports two different page parameters, first is the click parameter and the second is the source parameter. These parameters can be used individually or together and in concert with one another.

The Click Parameter

The click parameter is user to track visitors to your website that click a paid link. This enables ServerOwl to distinguish which visitors came to the website and plot a line on a number of the graphs to give you an idea of the ratio of paid to unpaid visitors to your website.

The click parameter can also be used with paid advertising campaigns to track both impressions and the click results for that campaign. Validating your advertiser's agreed impressions and/or click results, and enabling you to compare the effectiveness of one campaign and another.

The click parameter is used by adding the URL parameter so-click=AAA to your advertising landing page. The value of the so-click parameter can be found in the in your Account or Campaign or Property Setting page, once logged in.

The Source Parameter

The source parameter is used to track the particular source of a URL followed to your website. This can be used in different online advertising or in different EDM messages, to you can get an idea of how many visitor have followed at individual link.

The source parameter can also be used to identify different clicks from locations in your EDM. For example your message header may have one source parameter and the footer to the same URL may have a different source parameter, and you then can get the statical information on the effectiveness of each link.

The source parameter is used by adding the top page URL parameter so-source=<replace with whatever tag makes sense>. This can be used for example so-source=EDM-2019-08-21, and the value will be tallied within the source acquired report.

If you are adding the source parameter directly to the static pixel parameters, you can do so with by omitting the 'so-' part of the parameter name. And if you are wanting to add it dynamically with the JavaScript pixel, you can do so by calling "<script>sat('souce','Your Source Label');</script>".

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