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How to Monitor Your Website with Real-time SMS Notifications?

Last modified: July 7, 2019

ServerOwl allows you and your team to get real-time SMS alerts when your website becomes unavailable. This is particularly useful for website owners who have a number of people responsible to maintaining their website and one or another of those people are unavailable at the precise moment the website become non-responsive. You can also have notifications sent to management staff for the purposes of monitoring the response time and effectiveness of their IT staff.

Once a ServerOwl Account has been setup and a Server has been created to represent your website, you can now add verified Site Users to the list of people to receive notifications when problems are detected. You can select your account in the settings section of the ServerOwl Dashboard, and select "SMS Notifications" to display a list of receptions as shown in Figure 1 below. You'll need to type three or more characters before the list will start populating.

Account SMS Notificaitons List

Figure 1

Once a user has been selected, if they have not added a mobile phone number to receive the SMS notifications, their name on the list will be followed by a blank space. If you want them to receive the notifications, then you'll need to ask them to logon to ServerOwl and update their personal details to include their mobile phone as shown in Figure 2 below.

User Profile Personal Details

Figure 2

Only users with owner or write permissions of the account can add other users to the SMS notifications list. Once a user is added to the list, that user can remove themselves from the list by deactivating the SMS subscription from their user profile section.

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