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Why Has My ServerOwl™ Account Been Blocked?

Last modified: April 22, 2019

ServerOwl invites new users to quickly register and try it out for free. This facility however does enable people to register fake email addresses or even worse, email addresses of known complainers who will mark the confirmation email spam.

In order to protect our email reputation, we monitor the outcome of our emails sent out to users and if any email bounces or is marked by the recipient as spam, then this information is periodically fed back to ServerOwl who will block these fictitious or vexatious accounts.

This means that is entirely possible that if you register with a legitimate email address and your address is later invalidated, then it is likely to be blocked. This may happen for example, if you register a work email and then you leave that place of work. If this happen to your account, you may want to change your email address before it is blocked. Or just simply re-register on a new email account and re-request access to your accounts.

Is facility also comes with a caveat, that if this happens to your user account and you are the only owner of that ServerOwl Account, then that Account will automatically be deleted as well. The historical information collected by ServerOwl will no longer be accessable.

Ultimately your information and your user account are your responsibility and we require that you supply us with legitimate and updated information. If we identify fake or misrepresented accounts, we will automatically block them as a matter of process.

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