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What Information does ServerOwl™ Store?

Last modified: April 12, 2019

ServerOwl works by monitoring your website's usage and when the visitor messages drop or stop, ServerOwl then starts to look for an answer for why that is. There are numerous possible reasons for your website has stopped, from DNS or networking problems, to page or cashe corruption issues, and to your server's ability to process the current requests.

In order to maintain which messages are from which visitor, ServerOwl will create and save a session identifier on your visitor's browser. It does this to join multiple requestions from the same page view togetther. There is no ability to identify your client, or their age or sex. Google Analytics is able to deduce this information because they are able to connect your website visitor to their Gmail account and uniquely identify them from that information.

We do not have any prior relationship with your website's visitors and are unable to store identifying information. Also if your visitor chooses to disable cookies on their browser, then ServerOwl will record multiple hits eventhough your visitor has only viewed your website once.

Beyond what information is temporarily stored on your visitor's browser, we also deduce your visitor's geographical information by looking up their IP address in publicly accessible databases. Again this information is taken as only a guide as there are numerous methods to defeat the actual location of your visitor.

With ServerOwl's dynamic pixel, we also able query your visitor's browser window size and capacities, such as the supported version of HTML and CSS. We also capture the page loading time statics. This is done to give you some insight into how your visitors are seeing your website and how it is performing under the different conditions.

We also store information regarding which page has been displayed, the time it was displayed and any special parameters defined to identify how your visitor came to access your page. We can also record set events actioned by your visitor if such facilities has been setup to do so.

All the information that is stored is displayed in the ServerOwl's logged in area. This allows you to look and see just want information is being collected and stored on your behalf. We store these information for a maximum of two years, in order to give your historical information to compare current trends on your website. This information maybe deleted earlier if you elect to delete the Account or Campaign associated with the data collected.

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